Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have a lot of time to think

And I figured out a few things.

1. I really like lemonade, but you'll never catch me drinking it in the winter. That's a delicious summer time only drink.

2. Too many guys wear over sized white sunglasses. Men should never wear women's clothing or accessories. Unless it is for comfort or to make them feel confident, but that mainly applies to panties.

3. My toe nails grow remarkably slower than my finger nails do.

4. If we grow old enough we can look forward to being afraid of escalators; Old people seem to hate them.

5. I tend to forget peoples names right after being introduced to them. I can only assume I am meeting terribly uninteresting people.

6.  My cup of coffee had a warning on it. It said "Caution: Hot" on one line. The line below said "& delicious". I knew it was hot, it could burn me. But I also figured it might be delicious.
I spent my morning flirting with danger.

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