Friday, November 30, 2007

What does this mean?

Everyone! We need help. We have no idea what this means. If it was your comment, thanks, but please translate to english if you can. Anyone else, if you can figure out what it means I might give you something free, even if you just come up with something funny that it could mean. From what I can tell it's some sort of money thing.

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Thirsty Nerds

I've been working in an Engineering office for a while now. I've always known that most people love coffee and drink it all day. You always see on tv and movies people walking around with their coffee cups all happy and what not. I hate coffee, so I drink water at work. I've noticed that the water hardly ever goes down over the period of a week, roughyl the amount I drink. And every few weeks it goes empty, so I change it, no big deal. I have however realized that I am the only person who has changed the water bottle since I've been here. This has all got me wondering, do the engineering nerds actually like coffee? Or are they just too weak to lift the water bottles onto the cooler?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was walking down the street yesterday when I passed a hair salon. It had a sign in the window that said "2-4-1 Tuesdays!".
That's a deal I can't pass up. So I went in and got my hair cut. When the hairdresser was done she got out the mirror to show me her work.
She said, "What do you think?"
I said, "Great, now do it again!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mans Best Friend.

One year when I was young my parents bought be a dog for my birthday. They said it was to teach me responsibility and some jazz like that. I didn't really care. I had a dog. That kicked ass, until the responsibility shit came into effect.
My parents expected me to clean up after the damn thing. It crapped a ton. After some hard work I managed to convince Rufus it was a good idea to do that outside.
Problem solved right?
My Mom and Dad got mad at me and said that I'd have to go outside and clean all the dog turds up. I had to go pick them up and put them in the trash can. That is not a fun way for a young boy to pass his time.
That became a regular chore and it sucked. I hated it. So one day I had a brilliant idea. I was going to make my crappy job a little more enjoyable. I dumped a pack of crayons out into the dog dish. Lil'Rufus had tie died shits all week. Picking those colourful butt nuggets up made the job a little less unfun.
Rufus also died at the end of that week. I learned a valuable lesson about love and loss. My parents learned that I was not fit to care for another living creature.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I know I'm super funny. But this is my chance to say Saskatchewan Rules! The Riders won their first Gery Cup since '89 and it was beautiful. The game was ugly,. but as a fan since birth it was a sight to behold. I spent it with family. In a time when the whole province was looking for an excuse to get drunk off their asses i spent it with family and getting drunk off my ass.
Truly it is a time for sports fans to rejoice. They have been the underdog team for a generation and now we have the cup. Let us rejoice!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, fuck them all!

A new guy started at work today. Jim. His name on his application is 'Jim'. He's Jim.
But at break we're all talking to new guy Jim and someone asks, "So what do you like to be called? Jimmy, or just Jim?".
And everyone leans in like the guy is going to reveal the mysteries of life.
Anyhow, Jim says, "Well it doesn't really matter to me much. I'll answer to either of them. But my friends call me Jimbo. You could call me that too if you'd like."
"OOOOhhhhh JIMBO!" A collective cry from the breakroom. These jerks acted like Jim gave us all trained penguins that we could have work as our personal butlers. Or like a hover board from Back to the Future II.
The rest of the day I had to listen to everyone walking by saying, "Hey Jimbo!" , "what's up Jimbo", "Jimbo, want a brewski after work?".
Why didn't they ask me what I'd like to be called when I started here?
Sure my name is Adam, but that doesn't mean I like it.
I didn't choose it. Maybe I want to be called Jesus, Zeus*, or even Dave. Nope. No options for Adam. And that's total bullshit.
Why do the Jims', Tims', Toms', Bobs' and Dicks' of the world get these name luxuries?

*I would have chosen Zeus if they gave me the chance.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bands you should listen to.

Here's a list of bands I've found on myspace or the internet in general that any fan of punk/hardcore/metal should check out. I sometimes forget about a lot of the quality bands I've found so hopefully this can help me remember as well. Hope you enjoy. I've added their "genres" and links for your ease of browsing.

Animosity Death Metal

Untimely Demise Metal

Poser Disposer Grindcore

Antagonist Metal

5 Victims 4 Graves Hardcore

Killola Rock

Graf orlock Grindcore

Mister Monster Horror punk

Send More Paramedics Zombie Hardcore

Nim Vind Horror Punk

Casey Jones Hardcore

Liferuiner Hardcore

If He Dies He Dies Metal

Zombeast Horror Punk

Greta Knights Death Metal

Ghostlimb Thrash Hardcore

The Fitzpatrick Incident Hardcore

The Ghost of Thousand Hardcore

Monday, November 19, 2007

UFC 78 Details

In an effort to expand our horizons, I'm going to start posting some "news" type stuff that might be interesting to anyone who may visit this site.

UFC 78 - Validation

Prelim Fights:

-Akihiro Gono def. Tamdan McCrory via Submission (armbar) at 3:19 of Round 2.
-Marcus Aurelio def. Luke Caudillo via TKO (strikes) at 4:29 of Round 1.
-Joe Lauzon def. Jason Reinhardt via Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:14 of Round 1.
-Thiago Alves def. Chris Lytle via TKO (cut stoppage) after 2 Rounds.

PPV Fights:

-Frank Edgar def. Spencer Fisher via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) after 3 Rounds.
-Ed Herman def. Joe Doerksen via KO (punch) at 0:39 of Round 3.
-Karo Parisyan def. Ryo Chonan via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.
-Thiago Silva def. Houston Alexander via TKO (strikes) at 3:25 of Round 1.
-Rashad Evans def. Michael Bisping via Split Decision (29-28 Evans, 29-28 Bisping, 29-28 Evans) after 3 Rounds.

From ""

100 hits!!

So as you know, we've tried to spruce this place up a bit. We've tried to post at least something every week and we've been faithfully updating the video area as well. We've decided to add a hit counter to see how cool we are, and while I'm no genius, I'd say we've made it. Today marks the 100th hit on our blog. Maybe not a huge feat at all but her, it's something right? So everyone have a beer tonight and celebrate 100 hits on our shitty blog site!! It's just too bad that 90% of the hits are from Karps and Myself.

And for jesus' sake. If you enjoy anything you read or even if you hate it, leave comments!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Through thick and thin.

Well the weeks end is here and my pile of dirty clothes can be ignored no more. It is laundry day and as such I had to put on an old "ragged" pair of grundies. I thought nothing of this until my little lady began pointing and laughing (I'd never seen someone laugh in disgust until today).
She began to ridicule me for holding onto a pair of underwear so long that they had holes and hardly hung to my bony hips.
I tried in vain to explain to her that just because this pair did not look as good as the rest didn't mean they were unwearable. I honestly don't see why they should be taken out of rotation. I explained to her that in the world of sports an aged player may not be able to perform as well as they once did. But they offer experience and leadership. Often a veteran player is the captain of the team because they can provide so much more than just point production.
Then it occurred to me that this pair was more like an old friend than just the captain of my undie drawer. We have been through all sorts of adventures together. It has seen me at my best and my worst, it has put up with my shit and still comes back for more. You can't just throw that kind of history away.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Album Review: Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works

This album came as somewhat of a surprise to me. I hadn't listened to Dillinger Escape Plan really before this. I have the Error EP that Greg Puciato sings on, but that was my only prior knowledge of this band. I had heard from a few friends that their last one, Miss Machine, was pretty good and I should check it out... I didn't. But when I found out the entire new album was streamed on MySpace I decided to give it a whirl. Within the first 10-15 seconds of each of the first few songs I decided not even to listen to it. It sounded good enough that when it comes out I'm gonna buy it. It came out on Tuesday and here I am Thursday writing the "review".

The album starts out loud and erratic. The first song, Fix Your Face, reminds me somewhat of Refused in style, although harder and screamier(which is rarely ever a bad thing, if you're me). The next song, Lurch, has some really crazy guitar parts, ranging between blistering solo riffs and heavy breakdowns. It even features a little piano, very little. Black Bubblegum is the first song that resembles anything close to Greg's involvement in Error, and almost sounds like it could be a Nine Inch Nails song. Sick on a Sunday quickly follows suit as another heavily electronic song. After a brief musical interlude, When Acting as A Particle, they come back with a mash-up of hardcore and electronic in Nong Eye Gong and another musical, When Acting as a wave. Their most interesting song on the album might be Milk Lizard, with a southerny metal guitar riff, faint horn section and the most diverse singing heard so far. The album only gets better and better with an awesome appearance by Brett Hinds of Mastodon on Horse Hunter as an added little treat.

I left out describing a few songs because I don't want to ruin the album by misrepresenting anything Dillinger Escape Plan have done. This is an incredibly interesting album, and from what I've read and heard of their earlier works is a perfect natural progression for the band. Although not as captivating as a few of my recent purchases (Between the Buried and Me), this has something of an addictive nature to it, hence my 10 consecutive playings on iTunes in the last day. All in all, a very solid album, I'll be wasting some more money quite soon on the rest of their stuff.

Here's a little insight into their songwriting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jock Jams!

I was at a rather high profile sporting event recently and everything was as expected. Lines were long, seats were cold and beer was $5 a pop. But the icing on the cake could be heard over the P.A. system. They were still spinning ESPN Presents: Jock Jams.
Yeah that's right, they were pumping out mid 90's hip hop and dance music and sure not to forget the chorus to Queen's We Will Rock You. I'm not sure what happened to the YMCA, but I'll wager they were saving that gem for overtime. Nothing gets a team fired up for a stunning win than 30,000+ people singing about folks being down on their luck while miming out letters.
For the most part stadium music has been at a relative stand still for a little more than a decade and ESPN sure cashed in on that little fact. From 1995 to 1999 they released a Jock Jam album every year. Then in the new millennium they treated us with Jock Jams: The All-Star Jock Jams.
Why do we insist on playing this bullshit? Honestly, Jungle Boogie? In a time where most professional sports are dominated by African Americans is it really P.C. to be cranking Jungle Boogie to the max during a break in the play?
I don't know. Maybe those filthy Europeans are on to something with their "ole, ole, ole, ole". I mean it's easy to remember, it's not offensive, and its fun factor is directly tied to the number of beers consumed.
Folks it's time for a sporting music revolution here in North America.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Way-to-go Day?!

Birthdays are a weird thing. Well, they are not so much weird but our custom of celebrating them is. I mean, why do we all get one day a year where we are "special" because we were born? None of us had any say in that matter, and we certainly did none of the work.
I find the real early birthdays most perplexing.
"Hey little one year old. Here is a toy you're not really going to like and you'll never remember."
Hooray! Lets celebrate the fact that you've been alive for a whole year. Why? What have you done all year?! You can't do anything. You shit, puke and piss all over yourself. You can't feed yourself, you can't even sit up or move. Way to go little one you've been a lump that requires a lot of attention for a whole 365 days. Lets trow a party.
I have no children of my own, but if I did I bet their second birthday would really be the one to chap my ass. Another year of the same really. Only now the little child is trying to speak. Emphasis on TRYING, because if you've ever heard a one year old "talking" it's not really words. It's just sounds that their parents insist are words. So now the kid is mobile and needs more attention than before. Once it starts moving around everything in a house is a potential killer for the kid. On top of that your precious child is still crapping itself, only now the dumps are bigger and more people-like. It's utterly disgusting if you ask me. So Happy Birthday 2 year old, you've been a gross headache for another 365 days.
I think we shouldn't recognize children's birthdays until they are about 5. By this time their memory has developed enough that they might recall it later on. Plus they may have done some things worth celebrating. Maybe your kid came in third in the kindergarten spelling bee? They lost out on the word "Tree", that's probably a real tough word for a 5 year old.
If we're going to do anything for years one through 4 or 5 it should probably be a day to celebrate the parents or caregivers efforts in keeping their little liability alive for another year. We could all draw straws and whoever gets the short one has to look after the kid for the night while the parents go out and get rip roaring drunk.
I'm just saying lets give credit where credit is due.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock....

The other day I went out for drinks with some old high school friends. Some of whom I've been lucky enough to keep in touch with over the years since graduation, others were a welcome surprise. It was nice to see some of those faces after so many years. We shot the breeze for a while then it came out that we are 2 years away from a High School Reunion!
That is a scary thought!
Not that I'm afraid of getting older. Heck no! I'm embracing this aging process, it's treating me well. I'm making more money than I did when I was young. Sure I have bills to pay, but I have the freedom I dreamed of all those long hours in classes back at the ol'school.
But what gets me is the conversations that will be held at the reunion, "What have you been up to lately?", "Did you hear so-and-so has a wife and kids now?", "What are you doing these days?" and so on....
That kept me up at night. I kept trying to think of answers for what I've been doing since we graduated, and I've come up with jack-shit!
So now I need to do something remarkable. I want to, nay, I need to impress the hell out of these assholes I didn't like back then and don't keep in touch with now.
So far I haven't found anything that'll wow the crowd. I've got to kick this in high gear, or I'm going to rob a liquor store. They'll never see that coming.