Friday, August 29, 2008

People are useless.

I can't imagine how our species ever made it through anything. It's hard for me to even believe we've survived this long. What I mean is, when the fuck did everyone start relying on someone else for everything? It's like nobody does anything for themselves anymore. Our race has turned into a bunch of scared little weaklings who can't do anything for themselves. Why is it so hard for people to learn things on their own? Why is almost everyone always looking for an easy way out in every situation in life? Don't people know that it's life experiences that make individuals who they are? It makes me sick to be around so many people that would rather have everything done for them or explained to them ad nauseum when all it would take is a little time and hard work. I wish I had some sort of conclusion to this rant but I don't, people are useless.

Here's a couple of quotes from Mark Rippetoe:

"The interesting thing is that everybody really already knows this, because there are few examples in life that don’t follow the basic rules of the universe, the ones that dictate the behavior of everything. One of the most basic of those rules is that, with the exception of the occasional lottery winner, you pretty much get out of an effort what you put into it. We’re all quite familiar with this reality, although we are often willing to believe people who tell us otherwise, about exercise and about life. The sooner everybody—both halves of the population—accepts the fact that effective exercise is more like training for athletics and less like lying around on the floor, more about performance and less about appearance, the sooner it will be understood that women really don’t need their own figure salon."

"…we have not spent the last 65 million or so years finely honing our physiology to watch Oprah. Like it or not, we are the product of a very long process of adaptation to a harsh physical existence, and the past couple centuries of comparative ease and plenty are not enough time to change our genome. We humans are at our best when our existence mirrors, or at least simulates, the one we are still genetically adapted to live. And that is the purpose of exercise."

And a Rip Anecdote:

"My favorite happens to be the tale on supplementary equipment. A man insisted on wearing straps for exercises he probably could have gotten away without having worn them. Rip, in classic Rip fashion, decided to start wearing straps to do all sorts of things, including opening doors and going to the bathroom (he would wear one on his "holding" hand, gotta have wrist support for that) until the guy stopped wearing straps completely."

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