Thursday, September 4, 2008

News Talk Radio

I was listening to Mr. John Gormley on News Talk 650 the other day, and something struck me as odd. It wasn't in anything he said, but in the commercials.
The first was for a local funeral home. They are celebrating their 5th anniversary. Good for you, 5 years in the death biz! But they went on to thank people for their support... Hmmm, Hey Mr. Johnson thanks for ignoring your doctors advice and having that heart attack?
The next was an ad for a hearing clinic. Cool, people need to hear. But a radio ad? Are you sure you're going to get across to your target audience?
Finally there was some pro-life ad. A whole riteous don't kill your fetus ad. I have no funny angle on this one. That's just offensive. Thanks news talk radio saskatchewan, make those tough choices for the confused youth of today!!

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