Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the middle of the night...

I was watching Animal Planet and they had a show on Jaguars. Which is pretty cool. Did you know that they are the third largest cat in the cat family? Did you know that they have super strong jaws and typically crush the skulls of their prey?
Yeah! It's true. Jaguars are pretty bad ass.
Did you also know that they have those long whiskers to help them sense how close their surroundings are when it's real dark? The guy on the show went on and on forever about how many fancy features they have to help them hunt in the dark.
Here's a thought. Wake up earlier ya lazy Jaguars!
Laying around all day. Come on!
You don't see a Shark just laying around not moving, because it would die. So, be fierce ya lazy jags take a page out of the sharks book, kill you some daylight animals too.

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