Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Money-Happiness Coefficient.

At present I am unemployed. It is summer here in Saskatoon (Canada) and all I've got is time. What I don't have is money.
Now, on the outside this seems like it shouldn't be a big deal. A nice relaxing time with no work obligations or stresses. But it sucks. It's not that much fun. I'm broke. I can't do shit. Shit costs money and shit is fun.
People say that money can't buy you happiness. That's because it doesn't have to. If I had a shit-ton of money I wouldn't need to buy a damn thing to be happy. I'd be too busy poppin' boners over the fact that if I DID want to buy something, I COULD.
So in a way, money cannot buy you happiness, true. But in another more important and truthful way Money = Happiness.

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