Sunday, January 7, 2007

Best fake names...

Alright, this post is open for anyone to add to in comments or edit and add your own -- best fake names (porn names, sports names, ironic names, screen names, wrestling names, whatever) we can come up with.

Richard Slippery
Jeremiah Uppercut
Slim McPunch
Scooter Twoply
Sammy Headfake


Fresca said...

If you want shitty names they are everywhere!!! Tammi, Dakota, Chastity, and anything with Lynn or Lee at the end. An Example of this is Missy-Lynn, or Crystal-Lee. Seriously though how about these.....
Poopy Withdrawl
Chesty Goodrider

Love Fresca Mescaline

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with a portion of what fresca had to say. I enjoy when Lee is attached to the end of a persons name.
It sounds like I'm describing something rather than talking to or about someone.