Monday, February 19, 2007

Super Freaking Smart.

The other day I got my first look at what the Apple iPhone can do for me.
Lets just say, I was blown away. That thing is amazing. It can do nearly everything. I couldn't stop thinking how smart those people who made it must be. I'll bet they wear pretty big hats.
I was lost in thought of Steven Jobs and his crew of brilliant wizards when my mind began to wander. I thought of the geniuses through time. There is this new Apple-gang, Einstein, Newton, Edison and so on. Then I thought back and back, who is the smartest of them all? Who would I most like to meet?
And it hit me!
I don't know who it is or when it happened. But, I would like to shake the hand of the individual who first looked at a cow and said, "I'm going to eat that!".
I'm sure that must have been a long time ago, long before guns and slaughter houses. So that only makes it even more impressive. I know if you plunked me back X-million years I'd certainly be a vegetarian, simply because I wouldn't know how to kill anything. Small things would be too quick, and large ones too dangerous.
I'm not sure how "he" killed that first cow. But in my mind it looks a little like Rocky II. Only at the end of the fight Rocky doesn't win the Heavyweight Belt, he eats Apollo Creed.

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Gideon said...

I tend to agree with your choice but I also admire the guy who discovered milk. It takes vision to see the potential for a drink in the dangly nipples of a live cow and a shitload courage to go get it.