Thursday, August 23, 2007

Parenting For Dummies!

I recently had the misfortune of using a public washroom. No matter how clean it appears on the surface it still sends shivers up your spine; But that's another rant altogether.
What really struck me was the kids change table that was in this particular men's room. And I suppose it wasn't the table itself that was to blame but rather the instructional cartoon that accompanied it. Turns out the chubby silhouette that also informs me which restroom is appropriate for me is also the star of the "How To" series or comics on this table.
One of the little illustrations informs the parent that it is improper to try to fold the table back up into the wall before first removing your young one from the table top!
Now, I'd like to say that this sort of warning is completely unnecessary. However, I have encountered some rather inept people in my life. I think it is a sad state we've found ourselves in. Things that should go unsaid are now being said in the form of illustrations. Probably a good thing, words are snooty any way.
It's time to let the idiots fend for themselves. Thin out this gene pool already. Darwin would be spinning in his grave!

P.S. If any parent is really aided by those change table illustrations I do believe I'll owe you all $1.00 if their kid makes it to the age of 2.

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