Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The happiest time of year!

Christmas is only a week away and that can mean only one thing. World junior hockey is just over a week away. As a Canadian I love this, we all do, we're Canadians gall darn it!
The American team is looking to make a run and maybe topple the menacing giants to the north. The Russians are probably doing something sneaky, c'mon they're Russians.
The Swedes are all looking to regain some former glory, while the Fins are planning on building on some success. Yeah all of Scandinavia is pumped. Except Norway. They will no doubt continue to suck a hairy asshole. Surprising, since they are so close to so many good hockey playing nations.
So I will be nursing a hangover on Boxing Day watching Canada take to the ice. I'd guess most of you guys will do the same. Unless you're out "bargain shopping". In which case, I hope you get a nice dress to match your vaginas.

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