Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank Jesus!

Good Christ I'm glad the holidays are over. Last night marked the end of the final reminder of the "happiest" time of year. I finished of the last of the leftovers.
I don't know why everyone needs to eat a turkey for Christmas.
Have you ever seen a turkey? They're fucking sick. It looks like their heads are inside out. They are ugly and they don't even taste good, the meat's all dry and it makes you fall asleep. Of course something that ugly is going to taste that bad.
I'd like to maybe barbecue up a Koala Bear, those things are so damn cute they've got to taste like heaven and rainbows.

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Munster said...

Yeah fuck Turkey, I've always hated turkey. I was recently lucky enough to try carne asada for the first time, changed my life. People should be eating things that change their lives at Christmas, not dry tastless awful Turkey!