Sunday, November 2, 2008

Have it, need it, have it, have it...

I was staying at my parents place for a while in my old room. So I started to go through the closet and look at a bunch of my old junk, when I stumbled upon my old Hockey Card collection.

I flipped through the binders looking at these old familiar names thinking to myself, "I had some good ones back in the day. I'll bet you some of these are worth quite a bit now..."

Then I stopped myself realizing that anyone who believes these cards are valuable probably doesn't have any money at all... or a life.

So if there are any rich losers out there looking for either a Pavel Bure or Jaromir Jagr rookie card, hit a brother up.


Gideon said...

This is actually Fresca, but I am too lazy to logout and log back in. Hang in there!! I know things feel shitty now but I promise you are a step closer than you were yesterday and this will just be one of those things to laugh at in a few least you can laugh at it in few months, we are actually laughing now. Um, I meant this to be more motivational than to make fun of you. The point is don't stress too much. You are almost here!!!

Munster said...

Adam, I had no idea that your hockey card collection had upset you like that! This is news to me. Were you trying to sell your collection to fund your trip to China?! If so, I got $50 for that Pavel Bure of yours... $75 if it's a young guns!