Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How funny are we?

My friends and I have had a habit of using the phrase "big whoop" for nearly anything that happens to us. Everything from "Hey, I just cleaned that!" "Big whoop!" to "Jesus guys, I think it might be broke!?" "Big Whoop!". Now I know it's hard for an outsider to really understand why we do things and why they're ridiculously funny, but I do try to get my girlfriend in on most of our jokes, including this one. I've been back for about 3 weeks now and she knows this is now just a default response to anything said to me. Last night she has the audacity to tell me "Ok you can give that up now, I don't think it's funny" to which I reply, "Well I know 7 people who think it is". "Well I know about 100 people who would think saying 'big whoop' to everything that's said to you is dumb" and to really illustrate the hilarity of using the phrase I respond... "Big whoop!"

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