Monday, April 30, 2007

Brutal Irony

You know what's awesome? Drinking your dumbass face off all night and getting completely hammered drunk. And what's even awesomer? Waking up the next morning and feeling like a million bucks. Those are the best days, you can get up, not feel queezy, not have to puke and not have a raging headache. I had one of those days this weekend. I even felt good enough to eat some food right away, had a huge bottle of water as well and none of it upset my stomach. I was having the greatest day of not being hungover. I was ready to go out and face the world. I had a shower, brushed my teeth put on some clean clothes. Yeah I checked myself out in the mirror for a few minutes cause I just felt so good. Nothing could have ruined my day, or so I thought. The worst thing that can happen to a guy who feels healthy and clean... I had to shit. Not a little "oh yeah I'll hold it for a bit cause I feel so good right now" no. It was a "get the shit outta my way I need to kill a toilet!" So I shit, and then I felt so dirty that it ruined my perfect day.

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