Friday, February 22, 2008

Air Planes

I'm scared of them, straight up. I'm not gonna try to be a tough guy about this one, they scare the shit out of me...and yet I have never been on one. But tomorrow is the day I lose my air plane virginity, and no, I'm not overly excited about this either.
My work is sending me to Toronto for a week, for some training. Which I guess is cool cause its a free trip to Toronto, a place I have never been. Why can't it be in Las Vegas, or Los Angeles? somewhere warm you know?
But either way, chances are my plane tomorrow...or next Friday (on the flight home) of them is going to crash. Which sucks, because there is really no where nice for it to crash, its all goddamn frozen dirt from here to Toronto...couldn't have something nice and water, or a fuckin lake of Jello, wouldn't hate crashing into that! But crashing into frozen dirt, chances of survival are slim, especially for a little guy like me, but one thing I got going for me is, I guarantee there is going to be some super annoying people in this flight, that if we crash and they die, i won't think twice about eating them, you've seen the movie "Alive" right? start with ass, Ears Deep!

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Anonymous said...

Chances are one of your two planes are going to crash? What you smokin', boy?