Friday, February 1, 2008

Protest The Hero - Fortress

When I first heard Protest the Hero it was under bad circumstances. I had been waiting through 4 bands already and was getting quite anxious for Death by Stereo to take the stage. I was pissed off to find that another nobody band would be playing before they would go on. Two words, blown away. I knew as soon as I heard this band I'd like them. 4 days later their debut album, Kezia, came out and completely changed my interpretation of heavy music. 3 years later and a lot of wondering "can they ever possibly do anything better than Kezia?" they've come out with an absolutely stunning sophomore album.

Fortress is an answer to that question and it fucks that question up its ass. From the first second to the last second its musical bliss. Fans of the band would have probably already heard "Bloodmeat" on myspace and even MuchMusic, and as an opening song it sets the tone for the album quite well. "The Dissentience" lets you know right away that they aren't afraid of odd time signatures and break neck guitar riffs. I don't want to get into more details because I want anyone who reads this to go buy the cd, come on, it's $12 at HMV.

This album has left me again wondering "can they ever possibly do anything better than Fortress?". The answer has to be yes. Rody's vocal work has evolved leaps and bounds along time with the entire band's instrumental skill level. At this rate they'll become one of the greatest bands of all time, you can quote me on that.


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