Monday, February 4, 2008

NY Giants: Superbowl XLII Champs!

In case you didnt catch it over the weekend, the New York Giants upset the New England Patriots' perfect season by beating them in Superbowl XLII. It was a great game, low scoring but back and forth action constantly. I was glad to see the Giants win for two reasons, 1) Because in this first year of my fantasy football career I ended up with a bunch of Giants players and they did pretty well for me. And 2) I fucking hate Bill Belichick. He dresses like a fucking bum off the street and has no sense of sportsmanship whatsoever. The fucker walked off the field with 1 play left in the game without so much as a handshake to Tom Coughlin (Giants coach).

There were a few good plays throughout the game, but this is one takes the cake. Eli scrambling out of a sack to a spectacular catch by David Tyree.

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