Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The country with kaleidoscope skies

Men like simple things. Loud noises, fire, bright flashes, destruction, and boobs. This is why things like tractor pulls, NASCAR, and fireworks are popular amongst men. Fireworks have got it all, save for the boobs.
This being the case, I have seen many a fireworks displays in my 26 years on planet earth. I've seen them in person and even "ooh'd" and "awwww'd" at ones on television. This year I was fortunate enough to be in China over Chinese New Year.
Now you can forgive them for being a little late to the game (January 1 ya goofy bastards) because they more than make up for their tardiness with over the top exuberance and lack of care for physical safety.
The night of the 25th was the big show, but the whole week leading up to it there were people blasting off fireworks in anticipation. It is now two days after and my living room still lights up in green, red and the occasional yellow tinge.
I say this without a hint of sarcasm. The fireworks display on Chinese New Year in China makes every 4th of July display look like an old painted whore - interesting to look at, but none too pretty.
Why leave the fun of pyrotechnics to trained professionals when there are little kids and 100 year old men who could be blasting off hundreds to thousands of dollars of fireworks in the streets?

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