Monday, January 26, 2009

Danny McBride rules!

Danny McBride is a fucking genius. Everything he says is gold. He's been in a few big movies lately including Pineapple Express (Best movie of 2008), Drillbit Taylor and Tropic Thunder. Not to mention kicking serious ass in Hot Rod. A few of us got together this weekend and finally got around to watching The Foot Fist Way starring and written by Danny McBride. First off, fuck Trevor for watching this without me the morning after I bought it, fuck Adam for watching it in my basement without telling anyone and fuck the both of them for not making Kent and I watch it immediately after they'd seen it. It's comedic genius and hopefully we'll see a LOT more from Danny very soon.

Here's a ridiculous deleted scene from The Foot Fist Way care of Funny Or Die.

From Drillbit Taylor.

From Pineapple Express.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, in my defense I was equal parts hungover, confused, cold and alone. I was in your basement and the house was empty. Rather than going upstairs and waking everyone else who may (and was) hungover I stayed quietly down where I would not disturb anyone. Hell I deserve a medal for being a wicked good house guest.