Monday, February 16, 2009

Alien Workshop Mind Field

Alien Workshop has been a fantastic skateboard company for a very long time, so when I heard about there new video Mind Field, obviously I got excited, also the fact that there was a few guys who rented a little hall to do the premiere was awesome. Alien Workshops other video, Photosynthesis was amazing, one of my favorites.
Last night Kent and I went to the premiere, and to say the least we were not disappointed, it was very good! The whole layout of the video, the editing...everything except the music, which was kinda wierd, maybe I am just saying that because its not the style of music I listen to at all, I dont know, but I dont watch skateboard videos for the music, I watch them obviously for the Skateboarding. The actual skateboarding in this video was awesome! The parts in my mind were just a little to shirt. Like Mr. Rob Dyrdek, I very much enjoy watching him skateboard, everything about his skateboarding I like, I just would have liked to see his part be like 2-3 time longer, but it wasnt, and i still liked it.

Go buy this video, watch and enjoy!

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