Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out of body experience

Have you ever done something you knew was stupid, but you just couldn't stop yourself from doing it?
Now was it so stupid you actually had a small out-of-body experience? You brain, soul or whatever actually detached itself from your physical self and watched the carnage unfold.
This happened to me a few years ago. A girl I was seeing came to me and said "Adam, is it true that guys look at a girls mom to figure out what the girl will look like when she's older?"
At this point my brain said, "Shit." because it had noticed that my lips were already moving. Now my brain was sitting outside my body watching this scene like a Black guy at a scary movie. But instead of yelling at the character to stay out of the barn, it was telling me "Do not call her mom fat".
What my brain witnessed was a doomed fool say, "Well I haven't given up hope that you're adopted yet".
What happened next made Saw I-V look like a Smurfs marathon.

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