Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lets get ready to rumble.

You may not know this, but I used to be in a greaser gang. We were the Hungry Scorpians and we were the baddest mo'fos this side of the 'sippi. Or that's what we said. It made more sense back then than it does now.
Either way we got into an honest to goodness rumble with a rival gang, The Busters.
The energy in the air was electric. We had our plain white t's, our jeans with the cuffs, black Chuck Taylor shoes, and our typical greaser gang weapons.
I was sporting a tube sock filled with change.
Soon the fight was on. And midway through my first swing I saw my money sprayiing out of the hole in the big toe area of the sock. While absorbing hits with a fence board and watching my change spill down the street I realized I probably could have purchased a real weapon with the money I had dumped into a stinky sock. I mean, how much could a lead pipe cost? Shit, this guy was using a fence board to inflict his damage.

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