Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chinese People are the Nicest People

I know that they are not all Chinese. But since I am an ignorant white-guy it's the easiest way to group ALL the people from Asian countries. And the fact that the majority of these non-Chinese Chinese people rarely correct me on their country of origin really makes me think they are nice and accepting of my ignorance.
And that is why I don't care when they talk about me behind my back. That's right, me and the other ignorant white people know that when we're walking in front of a group of Chinese people in the mall, we know they're talking about us. We don't know what they're saying exactly. It's probably something like, "Ha-ha-ha, look at that white guy. Check out his shoes. He calls those super-shiney? They aren't even a really bright citrus colour!" But they're so nice that we don't even care.
And the real kicker, the thing that makes them nicer than the rest of the other nationalities out there is their names. I know that Ricky, Tim, Jimmy, Johnny, and Steve are not typical Chinese names. But when they move to a North American country they always name their kids typical white-guy easy to pronounce names.
So a tip of the hat to Chinese people.

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