Monday, March 5, 2007

Potty Confusion.

Have you ever been to someones house and you have to take a wizz. Then you go to the bathroom and they've got it set up where along one wall there is the counter with the sink, then beside that the toilet, then all along that wall there is a big mirror?
Like, they actually run the mirror past the edge of the counter and carry it on all the way to the toilet!
Isn't that a bit strange?
I have a hard time believing that during the design and build process of that shitter the woman of the house said, "hey, lets run this mirror even further than it has to go. I'll never be able to see myself in it, but we should buy 3 more feet of mirror any way."
That is a move that has to be the guys decision. He's got to be thinking, "I wonder what it looks like while I'm pissing?"
I don't know how he convinced the little lady, but there it was. And I always feel awkward in this situation. You know, you take it out and then it's that strange encounter. Like running into an ex girlfriend, you try to avoid eye contact with it at all costs. Looking around the room in search of something of any interest. But it always happens. You sneak a peak down there and have to look at your member spewing piss. It's gross, I'm not proud of it, but it's hypnotic. And I always feel a little dirty after I'm done.
Seeing as how society is going further and further down the morality ladder I think it'll only be 5-10 years before I need to take a dump at this dudes house and notice a screen on the adjacent wall hooked up to a closed circuit camera.

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