Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 = Novelty Fuck

Apparently in the year of 2008, over the first 11 months the whole innernet search thingy ratings went 1. Sarah Palin 2. Poker 3. Brittney Spears.
I have issue with the whole top three. The first thing is that none of the top three should be in the top three. I'll grant them top ten status, but that's being generous.
Now Mrs. Spears is a trainwreck, granted this is fun. But she's been a disaster for years now, that's old news. And the big news with her is that she cleaned herself up. Last year she looked like something you scraped off the bottom of your shoe. This year she's back to fine form. But! You have to remember she's been hollowed out by some scumbags and spit out two kids since her heyday. She is still a hot number, but c'mon North America! I can think of 10 women equally as attractive who's vaginas have not been publically punished as hers. Look them up you dirty perverts.
Poker. I mean Poker? C'mon dorks, they're called girls. Go meet some.
Palin, yeah she was kinda neat. I guess more so if you are an American citizen. But really, her and TigerBox had no chance of winning. And so what if she used to be hot! She's a moderately attractive older woman. Go to a soccer game! There'll be a ton of Palin clones filling the seats there.
I'm not entirely sure what happened this year, but I sure hope that the history books have something more notable than these three topics to document. Here's to 2009 and something momentus happening.

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