Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why I won't be rich. A.K.A. God dammit!

I don't think I've got a mind that will allow me to come up with "Million Dollar Ideas". In fact, I think my mind activly rejects them. I mean, if X number of years ago a friend were to approach me and say, "hey Adam. I've got a great idea for you. A chance for both of us to be rich. I just need a little bit of cash to get the ball rolling."

I'd probably be on board, or at least contemplating the proposal at that point. I may even say something like, "go on" or "what's the idea?"

Now my buddy says, "See, I'm going to take pasta, and I'm going to cut it into tiny pieces in the shapes of the letters from the alphabet."

I'd tell my pal to fuck off. Boom-zing, I'm out millions.

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