Monday, April 16, 2007


...make life rough for guys sometimes. Like for serious. Ill admit its happened to me, and Ive seen it happen. You go out with your buddies for a night of good times, good laughs, and yes, good drinks. You get home either that night or the next morning, and thats when the good times end! You come home that night only to find either 13 missed phone calls (from you know who) or and pile of messeges on your computer all saying..."where were you?" "who were you with?" "are you drunk?".....FUCK YOU! OF COURSE I'M DRUNK! "I went out with my friends and its 3:46 in the morning, I am hammered drunk." You tell them that, and then realize thats when you should have kept your mouth shut, then they just tear into you about how they were home alone all night or some bullshit like that, of course you dont remember what they said because you're hammered drunk. Then they call you, and ask you every 3 minutes if you're paying attention and listening to what they are saying, you tell them you are but really, all you want is to go to sleep. Then the next day, or maybe a few days after you gotta try to make it up to them somehow...which is dumb, yeah its just dumb. Because you shouldnt have to make up for anything, you went out with your friends, she didnt, big whoop! but it is a big whoop to her. Life seems like it might be easier with them, but for sure would suck without them at the same time.
Everyone knows this happens, and knows it will continue to happen, simply because guys like and want girls, and yes, i know my day will come again. I will fall for a girl again, and this whole cycle will start again, four five six!

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