Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm a Secret Agent, man.

I am a man. A man through and through. A being forged in the fires of evolution. And thus, I do not enjoy shopping. I don't understand why the fairer sex likes this so. How can they go to a mall *shudder* and try on countless pairs of jeans/shirts/jackets and what have you and then not buy anything from that store?
A guy, by definition, does not try on clothes.
He may, on occasion, hold the item up to his body and size it up, eye-ball it if you will. Colours and cuts do not really come into play when a guy is making a purchase decision.
This is what we, as guys, want everyone to believe.
The truth of the matter is there is one aspect of shopping that we do enjoy.
Men love hidden/secret pockets! The more pockets something has, the cooler it is. That item becomes exponentially cooler if these pockets are hidden - out of sight from the general public.
The sad truth is, these secret pockets are as close as many of us will come to being James Bond. Why do you think we keep our wallets in breast pockets whenever possible? It's not comfort, fuck comfort - It looks way cooler to pull something out of a breast pocket.

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