Wednesday, October 24, 2007

30 Days of Night

First statement: Fucking awesome movie. One of the best vampire movies I've ever seen (and I've watched a buttload). From start to finish it was truly entertaining, the type of movie that sucks you into it's reality and you forget you're watching a movie.

What I like about it.
  1. The Vampires: They looked awesome, totally creepy, but still really human looking. The way they fed on humans was interesting. I think it's open to interpretation but it seems like they actually eat humans instead of just sucking blood.

  2. The Actors: They really only used one big actor (Josh Hartnett) which was cool because he's a pretty good actor and didn't ruin the movie. One of the worst things about modern horror movies is that they put big name actors in them and I can never see past the fact that they're that actor and they aren't the character in the movie.
  3. The Plot: Vampires invading an Alaskan town that has no sunrise for 30 days. The head vampire put it best "We should have come here ages ago."
What I didn't like.
  1. There's a love story throughout. I just hated that.
  2. The ending. Could have been done better in my opinion.
I'm not giving too much away in this review since I'm hoping whoever might read this will go see it for themselves.

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