Thursday, October 18, 2007

Between the Buried and Me - Colors

I figured fuck it! This isn't solely a comedy blog is it? And if it is so fucking what, I feel like writing an album review.

Being somewhat of an obsessive compulsive music buyer, I end up a lot of times just grabbing something that catches my eye, or something that I've heard or downloaded before just so that I can have the actual cd. Case in point; I'm in West Edmonton Mall a few weeks ago. They have this GIANT HMV so I know I need to find a bunch of music to buy, problem is nothing new or exciting has come out so I just end up buying a bunch of mid 90's hardcore cd's. They kick ass but ultimately aren't what i really needed to buy.

I've been looking at Between the Buried and Me for a while now, thinking about getting Alaska after hearing how musically ridiculous it is and that every metal/metalcore/whatever the fuck band should not even bother writing music because this album is so good. I had just put off buying this cd for whatever reason. Then I find out they just released their newest, Colors. After reading a few reviews of people mentioning that it is in fact better than Alaska I figure I have to get this and find out about this band.

The second I started listening to this cd I was uncontrollably drawn to it. The piano backed soft vocal intro was unique enough to know that this wasn't typical metal(insert your own label). The thing is, this album just keeps throwing things like that at you the whole way through, from African inspired drums on Informal Gluttony to the Nightmare Before Christmas style mini interlude on Sun of Nothing. It's all unexpected, kind of wierd, but it all works, really really really well. Some songs are in excess of 10 minutes long but it doesn't matter since the thing plays like one long orchestra of awesome.

I was about to buy Alaska yesterday, but I found myself saying "Now Way! You can't stop listening to Colors yet!". So I didn't, and I don't know how long this album will keep me on this high. I'm tempted to force a voluntary stop listen so I don't experience another Avenged Sevenfold type of overlistening situation, although I'm not sure that could happen in this case. Either way, I love this cd, I just wanted to shout it from on top of a mountain, But I didn't have a mountain, I had an internet blog and a computer.

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