Monday, November 19, 2007

100 hits!!

So as you know, we've tried to spruce this place up a bit. We've tried to post at least something every week and we've been faithfully updating the video area as well. We've decided to add a hit counter to see how cool we are, and while I'm no genius, I'd say we've made it. Today marks the 100th hit on our blog. Maybe not a huge feat at all but her, it's something right? So everyone have a beer tonight and celebrate 100 hits on our shitty blog site!! It's just too bad that 90% of the hits are from Karps and Myself.

And for jesus' sake. If you enjoy anything you read or even if you hate it, leave comments!


Anonymous said...

I like, this is a comment

Anonymous said...

90% of 100 is, well 90. So that means 10 other people have been here this month. Wow, we rock.