Friday, November 30, 2007

What does this mean?

Everyone! We need help. We have no idea what this means. If it was your comment, thanks, but please translate to english if you can. Anyone else, if you can figure out what it means I might give you something free, even if you just come up with something funny that it could mean. From what I can tell it's some sort of money thing.

Oi, achei seu blog pelo google está bem interessante gostei desse post. Gostaria de falar sobre o CresceNet. O CresceNet é um provedor de internet discada que remunera seus usuários pelo tempo conectado. Exatamente isso que você leu, estão pagando para você conectar. O provedor paga 20 centavos por hora de conexão discada com ligação local para mais de 2100 cidades do Brasil. O CresceNet tem um acelerador de conexão, que deixa sua conexão até 10 vezes mais rápida. Quem utiliza banda larga pode lucrar também, basta se cadastrar no CresceNet e quando for dormir conectar por discada, é possível pagar a ADSL só com o dinheiro da discada. Nos horários de minuto único o gasto com telefone é mínimo e a remuneração do CresceNet generosa. Se você quiser linkar o Cresce.Net( no seu blog eu ficaria agradecido, até mais e sucesso. If is possible add the CresceNet( in your blogroll, I thank. Good bye friend.


The Groper said...

Hi, I found your blog by google,I liked this interesting post. I would like to talk about CresceNet. CresceNet is a dialup Internet provider that pays its users by the time connected. Exactly what you read, you get payed to connect. The provider pays 20 cents per hour for dial-up, with local connection to more than 2100 cities in Brazil. CresceNet has a throttle(?) connection, which lets it connect up to 10 times faster. People who use broadband can also profit, simply register in CresceNet and when you go to sleep connect by dialup, it is possible to pay for ADSL only with the money from dialup. In times of minutes spent on the single phone is minimal and the pay of CresceNet is generous. If you want you can link to Cresce.Net ( on your blog. I would be grateful, and even more successful. If it's possible add CresceNet ( in your blogroll, Thank you. Good bye friend.

It's portuguese, that's pretty much what it says

Anonymous said...

I love it when you're hanging out with your ethnic friend and he/she starts talking in their native tongue. They'll be talking to their parents or something and it sounds like it's a real heated and angry discussion, but you don't know, maybe Asians just sound angry (like those crazy Germans).
But then you get lucky and as they're ranting on, talking faster than an auctioneer they slow down and drop some english words you can understand in.
Like, "Ching chong ching McDonalds ching ching chong Fifth degree burns chong ching chong My Friend Adam."
And it's kinda cool, but they always say your name and it makes you nervous. Like what'd you say? Does your mom want you to burn me at McDonalds? That's fucked.