Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bands you should listen to.

Here's a list of bands I've found on myspace or the internet in general that any fan of punk/hardcore/metal should check out. I sometimes forget about a lot of the quality bands I've found so hopefully this can help me remember as well. Hope you enjoy. I've added their "genres" and links for your ease of browsing.

Animosity Death Metal

Untimely Demise Metal

Poser Disposer Grindcore

Antagonist Metal

5 Victims 4 Graves Hardcore

Killola Rock

Graf orlock Grindcore

Mister Monster Horror punk

Send More Paramedics Zombie Hardcore

Nim Vind Horror Punk

Casey Jones Hardcore

Liferuiner Hardcore

If He Dies He Dies Metal

Zombeast Horror Punk

Greta Knights Death Metal

Ghostlimb Thrash Hardcore

The Fitzpatrick Incident Hardcore

The Ghost of Thousand Hardcore

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