Friday, November 16, 2007

Through thick and thin.

Well the weeks end is here and my pile of dirty clothes can be ignored no more. It is laundry day and as such I had to put on an old "ragged" pair of grundies. I thought nothing of this until my little lady began pointing and laughing (I'd never seen someone laugh in disgust until today).
She began to ridicule me for holding onto a pair of underwear so long that they had holes and hardly hung to my bony hips.
I tried in vain to explain to her that just because this pair did not look as good as the rest didn't mean they were unwearable. I honestly don't see why they should be taken out of rotation. I explained to her that in the world of sports an aged player may not be able to perform as well as they once did. But they offer experience and leadership. Often a veteran player is the captain of the team because they can provide so much more than just point production.
Then it occurred to me that this pair was more like an old friend than just the captain of my undie drawer. We have been through all sorts of adventures together. It has seen me at my best and my worst, it has put up with my shit and still comes back for more. You can't just throw that kind of history away.

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